Video – Chinese medicine Bei Mu (Bulbus Fritullariae Cirrhosae)

Chuan Bei Mu(Fritillaria praewalskii maxim ex Batal)

Zhe Bei Mu(Thunberg fritillary bulb)

There are chuan bei mu and zhe bei mu.
Meridian entered: lung and heart meridians
Actions: eliminating phlegm and stopping coughing, nourishing lung, clearing heat and dispersing nodules
chronic cough, less sputum and dry throat due to lung deficiency; and cough of exterior wind heat syndrome, thick yellow sputum due to phlegm and fire;
carbuncles, goiter, breast abscess and lung abscess.
Cautions: contraindicated with wu tou.
Major combinations:
Chuan bei mu with sha shen, mai dong and tian dong for lung deficiency chronic coughing;
Zhe bei mu and sang ye, niu bang zi and xing ren for coughing due to exterior wind heat and phlegm and fire accumulation;
Zhe bei mu with xia gu cao, hai zao and kun bu for goiter.
Dosage: 3-10g in decoction; 1-1.5g in powder


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