Chinese medicine Bei Mu (Bulbus Fritullariae Cirrhosae)

Chinese medicine Bei Mu 01
Chuan Bei Mu(Fritillaria praewalskii maxim ex Batal)

Chinese medicine Bei Mu

Zhe Bei Mu(Thunberg fritillary bulb)

There are Chinese herbs chuan bei mu and zhe bei mu.
Meridian entered: lung and heart meridians
Actions: eliminating phlegm and stopping coughing, nourishing lung, clearing heat and dispersing nodules
chronic cough, less sputum and dry throat due to lung deficiency; and cough of exterior wind heat syndrome, thick yellow sputum due to phlegm and fire;
carbuncles, goiter, breast abscess and lung abscess.
Cautions: contraindicated with wu tou.
Major combinations:
Chuan bei mu with sha shen, mai dong and tian dong for lung deficiency chronic coughing;
Zhe bei mu and sang ye, niu bang zi and xing ren for coughing due to exterior wind heat and phlegm and fire accumulation;
Zhe bei mu with xia gu cao, hai zao and kun bu for goiter.
Dosage: 3-10g in decoction; 1-1.5g in powder

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