Auriculotherapy (French: Auriculothérapie), by the French physician Paul Nogier (Paul Nogier) in 1957 proposed treatment. He presents the principle of the ear reflex zone, thinking that the ear is similar to the infant embryo shape, so that each part of the ear corresponds to a particular body area. Therefore, as long as the specific area, to stimulate the needle, you can achieve the effect of treatment. The ear should be attributed to Reflexology

In the 1970s, Zhang Yingqing published in China bio-holographic diagnosis and treatment, the use of the concept of Western reflex zones, as the basis of scientific science. Ear acupuncture is considered a part of biological holographic therapy, the introduction of Chinese medicine sector. Based on the foundation of the Nobel, Chinese Chinese medicine practitioners soon found many points in the ear, also in ancient medicine to find its basis for traditional Chinese medicine, that it is part of the traditional acupuncture therapy.

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