Chinese medicine Bei Mu (Bulbus Fritullariae Cirrhosae)

Chuan Bei Mu(Fritillaria praewalskii maxim ex Batal)

Zhe Bei Mu(Thunberg fritillary bulb)

There are Chinese herbs chuan bei mu and zhe bei mu.
Meridian entered: lung and heart meridians
Actions: eliminating phlegm and stopping coughing, nourishing lung, clearing heat and dispersing nodules
chronic cough, less sputum and dry throat due to lung deficiency; and cough of exterior wind heat syndrome, thick yellow sputum due to phlegm and fire;
carbuncles, goiter, breast abscess and lung abscess.
Cautions: contraindicated with wu tou.
Major combinations:
Chuan bei mu with sha shen, mai dong and tian dong for lung deficiency chronic coughing;
Zhe bei mu and sang ye, niu bang zi and xing ren for coughing due to exterior wind heat and phlegm and fire accumulation;
Zhe bei mu with xia gu cao, hai zao and kun bu for goiter.
Dosage: 3-10g in decoction; 1-1.5g in powder

Chinese Herbs

Briefing about Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs offer a natural approach to maintaining overall health, of which Chinese herbs are best known for having beneficial effects on the body. Chinese herbs and Chinese medicines have been used for thousands of years to help people feel better, more vital and live longer. Many of them have also been used for treating various illnesses and restoring the normal body functions, and have proved their effectiveness. One of the most appealing qualities of Chinese herbs therapy is the low risk of adverse reaction or side effects, especially when compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

Chinese medicine is very different from the current research approach we are used to. It is based on the promotion of health, which is represented as a balance of yin and yang – two forces that represent the bipolar manifestation of all things in nature. It does not limit its treatment to only one part of the body; instead, generally it is based on the holistic theory. The following are some examples about Chinese herbal medicine:

However, most herbs of Chinese Medicine are used in formula, which is either manufactured by pharmaceutical factory or prepared by Chinese doctors for individual patient. Of hundreds of commonly used herbs, different combination of herbs can be used for the different indications.

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