Practice the benefits of tai chi

Many people do not know, the benefits of practicing tai chi what is specific, only know that you can keep fit, longevity. Experts said that the benefits of practicing tai chi covers two aspects, namely, physical and mental benefits.

Physiological benefits

1.  Increase the sensitivity of the nervous system – practice Tai Chi to “calmly”, when the boxing will be the first cerebral cortex to rest (calm), will coordinate the task of internal and external organ function by the central nervous system (intended) to implement, strengthen The sensitivity of the nervous system.
Practice the benefits of tai chi

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2.  Smooth meridians, blood vessels, lymph and circulatory system – the practice of tai chi time will not be too short, it can be like the general oxygen movement, can make blood run smoothly. Practiced a number of times, will be aware of a fingertip Ya soft paralysis, joint micro-ring, acupuncture, abdominal sensation and other feelings.

According to Chinese medical theory that this is the meridian smooth response. Through the cuddle knees twist and other sports, arterial blood pressure to get the amount of relaxation and relaxation, can accelerate the operation of blood, increase the supply of oxygen, but also to promote the lymphatic system metabolism, to strengthen the personal resistance.

3.  Improve the flexibility, muscle strength and muscle endurance – tai chi and more to slow to go round and arc, accompanied by flexion squatting movement, coupled with the center of gravity alternately change, running the action and more hug, bend, twist, so that the Muscle strength and muscle endurance can be improved; with more than a large number of activities and the following potential, pedal foot type, can improve the flexibility of the joints.

Practice the benefits of tai chi

Improve the flexibility, muscle strength and muscle endurance – tai chi and more to slow to go round and arc, accompanied by flexion squatting movement, coupled with the center of gravity alternately change, running the action and more hug, bend, twist, so that the Muscle strength and muscle endurance can be improved; with more than a large number of activities and the following potential, pedal foot type, can improve the flexibility of the joints.

4.  Improve the heart and lung function – practice Taijiquan to keep the natural breathing, through deep, long, thin, slow, uniform abdominal breathing method, increase the capacity of the chest and increase the number of oxygen to breathe, to ensure that the gas Fully exchange, relative to improve the oxygen content of various organs. It is also necessary to practice tai chi for a long time (even if it takes about twenty minutes to play four tai chi tai chi chunks). This activity can train and improve heart and lung function.

5.  Treatment of chronic digestive tract disease – due to practice boxing when the joints, muscles, bones will be traction, twist, squeeze and diastolic, visceral and abdominal breathing (chest X-ray) and the role of self-massage; Diaphragm up and down the increase in the rate of increase, the intestinal peristalsis have a positive stimulating effect; and boxing when the tongue on the jaw, lips and teeth light to increase the secretion of saliva, improve the digestive function.

Spiritual benefits

1. To eliminate the pressure – boxing fist because of the “quiet intention, heart no distractions”, but also loose body, the spirit is only concentrated in the “Italian”, plus tai chi itself requires both rigid and soft, breathing coordination, the organs of the Oxygen is relatively improved, so after the practice of people feel soberly, the pressure to eliminate, the emotional stability of the flat; and because of the practice of blood after the fist cycle, the spirit is also full up, the work efficiency naturally improved. This is no doubt that the benefits of tai chi is not only able to keep fit, but also help us to eliminate stress and soothe the mood, is one of the ideal movement of modern people.
Practice the benefits of tai chi

2. Understanding and experience harmonious coordination of the concept of yin and yang (Zhou Zhao and 1996) – Taijiquan advocate harmony and harmony, not strong has been difficult, both inside and outside, the actual situation is clear, Is the so-called “static touch move still quiet”, this kind of emphasis on understanding the relationship between yin and yang opposites unified philosophy is the essence of Tai Chi Quan’s creative philosophy.

3.  The spirit of the people who do not criticize the tai chi “do not commit me, I do not commit prisoners”. Tai Chi advocate leveraging force, with small force wins vigorously, all fight back against the other side of the potential to the dexterous action, less strength plus special, so that the offenders inaccurate and lost. So the real power of tai chi, only to be deliberately violated under the play out, and its purpose is only “set their own invincible” Bale, no harm to each other’s meaning!
Practice the benefits of tai chi

4.  To understand the way of self-cultivation – to practice tai chi to emphasize “Chiang Kai-shek, heart and body loose”, the eight words of the truth is the best motto of our conduct. Through the practice of tai chi, students can experience the correctness of the stereotypes: labor all day and not their place. Just as long as “Chiang Kai-shek”, do not go crooked road, impartial, you can feel “comfortable” state; weekdays as long as learn “calm”, put aside the burden of life stress, you can experience the “body loose”

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Hiking, Photographing Glacier in Rocky Mountains

This summer, my wife pre-booked Lake Louise campground for the weekend with my family and my son’s friend. We planned to hike one day on the Iceline Trail(British Columbia, Canada, Yoho National Park) and another day do some biking near Lake Louise,etc. I drove my SUV left Calgary around 3:30pm on Friday and arrived at Lake Louise campground in 2 hours time. When everything got settled down, we had our BBQ dinner. Myself then drove along the Moraine Lake Rd and found a place to stop and photograph the glacier.

Next morning I got to the same place before twilight hoping to catch a glimpse of sunrise. I was very lucky, as in a matter of minutes, those peaks and glacier quickly lighted up with hues of pink, red and orange. So I grabbed my chance and captured this spectacular image.
After that, I quickly drove back to the campground and had a quick hot breakfast to warm me up. Then we all packed ready heading to Yoho National Park to hike the Iceline trail. From the parking lot, we followed the path for roughly 8kms up hill with an elevation gain of 700m. The weather was perfect. Sunny and blue.

We hiked about 2.5 hours uphill during which we saw colorful fire-weed, hoaring waterfalls and hanging glaciers. Then we reached where we admired the beautiful Emerald Glacier.

when we reached the glacier, there were a bunch of water falls and a peaceful pond, where we had our packed lunch.The mountain peaks and

the glaciers were so enormous and majestic that it made the people standing below it look like little mice. The picture I took with my camera shows exactly that and gives us a reason to why we must try to prosper and preserve the beautiful environment that we live in so that future generations can observe and feel what we have witnessed.
We wondered around taking photos and enjoying the breathtaking views so long around the summit area, we were among the last few people at trail going back.

The towering glacier was layed across on top of Bident Mountain, Mount Babel and Mount Fay.then pressed the shutter button on my camera numerous times but the pictures were not so impressive. So I decided to try again next morning to capture the sunrise.

The next morning I decided to captured some sunrise on Bow Lake. I have been to the Bow Lake roughly four times this Summer. But this morning was the only time fortunate enough for me to witness the spectacular sunrise around the Bow Lake area. When I got there in the morning, it was still sort of twilight, roughly half hour before sunrise. The moon was still hanging at the western sky above the Bow Glacier; While Mt Thompson on the right and Crowfoot Mountain and Crowfoot Glacier at left underneath. With time went by, the cloud gradually became more rosy. But then it started to fade away to a yellowish white color in a matter of minutes. I felt a little bit disappointed but still kept a positive thought and waited. Luckily, a miracle happened and boomed.There poped out a bright rosy light illuminating the Portal Peak of Mt Thompson and BowCrow Peak of Crowfoot Mountain, a bit shy but ready to rise up above the morning sky. The scenery became even more astonishing as the lake had become standstill showing a full reflection of the beaming rosy light slowly rising over the majestic mountain peak. Wow, I was bestowed with such joy and my one chance of taking this beautiful photo. I quickly moved to another place and took a different angle shot of the Crowfoot Glacier and these fantastic photos made my trip harvested.

Bow Glacier anderson area acupuncture clinic calgary

Recently, Carrying photographic equipment to go hiking is not easy, I was in a car accident not long ago, the body is not yet fully recovered, so to go to many beautiful places are very difficult. Photos you want to take a good view must have a good physique.
Adhere to exercise, such as swimming is an effective way to enhance physical fitness, I also often receive acupuncture and massage therapy. Acupuncture, massage therapy to reduce muscle tension, pain, recovery fatigue. Help in the future to go more places to shoot more and better scenery photos.